Monday, May 7, 2012

Spain Faces the Turmoil of Financial Crisis

By Marie Ryan
In a speech at UNYP, Ambassador Pascual Ignacio Navarro Ríos outlines the steps his country is taking to avoid financial calamity.Read More

Running Through History

By Barbora Netolická
UNYP student Katarína Zubová faces long odds in her quest to complete a marathon run through the cobblestone streets of Prague. Read More

Big Score for UNYP’s Silver Blazers

By Danijela Demarin
A second-place finish in the International Sport League marks a new achievement for the football team, and renewed school spirit. Read More

The View From the Top

By Michal K.
It took General Manager Sotiris Foutsis four and a half years to change perceptions of UNYP. Now, all he needs is a new building. Read More

The New Amsterdam of the East

By Yuliya Ni
Already a popular recreational drug in Prague, marijuana is being touted in a new film as an effective remedy for people suffering from serious illnesses. Read More

A Supernatural Celebration

By Barbora Netolická
Witches and other creatures of the night took to the streets of Prague on April 30 to celebrate the greatest of all pagan holidays. Read More

PASSPORT: Christina Kneitz

By Baia Dzagnidze
Living in Europe for nearly 20 years has not diminished a South African student’s love for the traditions and beauty of her homeland. Read More

Keeping it Classy

By Baia Dzagnidze
Our restaurant critic discovers that elegant settings do not always guarantee good service and high-quality cuisine. Read More

Visions of the Future

By Danijela Demarin
A survey of graduating seniors reveals ambitious plans ranging from continued studies abroad to opening a tavern offering Cypriot specialties. Read More

Rearranging Everyday Reality

By Lukas Vallo
Act fast to catch the exhibition by Krištof Kintera at the Municipal Library, where seemingly ordinary objects pose some provocative questions. Read More

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Keep Karma and Carry Om

By Yuliya Ni
For the author, a spiritual journey to the  ashram of Sri Sathya Sai Baba in India became a life-changing experience. Read More